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The People
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Ashley Christie

Why Flourish Real Estate?

Why Flourish

Your Flourish agent will equip you with the knowledge up front for your sale or purchase. Setting realistic expectations is key.


Connecting you with home inspectors, lenders, contractors, and other professionals for a seamless experience.

People First

We're human. It's not about a sale for us. It's about taking away your stress and helping you Move Happy.


Communication is key throughout a real estate transaction. Your agent will be there every step of the way and beyond closing. Our role is to guide you through your sale or purchase and bring in other professionals like photographers, staging services, cleaners, etc when needed.


Beyond real estate, what are your goals? What can we set out to accomplish together? How can we help you Flourish?


All anyone has is their word, and we're committed to following ours.



Because of her expertise, our purchase of a new home went flawlessly. Her knowledge, made this first time experience well worth it. Another great point to make was she was always available whenever you reached out to her. Communication played a very big part on our success. 

— Nigel Davis, Buyer

Flourish with us.

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