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Flourish Event: Let's Talk About Mental Health

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

2020! What a year it has been. I know that everyone has experienced it differently and in their own way. I hope that you have stayed healthy and safe during this time. I know that current events and COVID-19 are taking a toll on people's mental health, myself included. Even before 2020, dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression already existed, and now, this year may have brought these feelings back up, or amplified them. Talking about mental health is so important to me because so many people I know have struggled with it, myself being one of those people. However, it can sometimes be weird and uncomfortable to talk about. I'd like to change that and make it something normal to share with others!

On November 7th, join licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Krys Sarkady, founder of Heart and Mind Wellness LLC, to talk about dealing with COVID-19, stress, depression, and anxiety. We'll discuss tips for dealing with these issues and how to help someone you know that may be struggling too! It will be held virtually via Zoom, and don't worry, the format will be where only the speakers can be seen! Send me your questions ahead of time for Krys!

The panel will also feature Gabriela Garayar of NAMI Pinellas to talk about free services that NAMI offers for the Tampa Bay Area, as well as NAMI's virtual 5k coming up on 11/21/2020.

One more note --> Join my 5k team OR donate to my team benefitting NAMI Pinellas (National Alliance on Mental Illness) by clicking this link:

XO, Ashley

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